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Are 49ers Crazier Than Aldon Smith?

Aldon Smith is back working out at the 49ers facility and taking part in the team’s off-season program, which begs the simple one word question.  Why?

Evidently Smith allegedly saying that he had a bomb at the Los Angeles airport wasn’t enough to scare the Niners away from the messed up linebacker.  This after substance abuse last year.

Are the 49ers like the wife who continues to be beaten by her abusive husband, but can’t break away from him?  Or do they have a messiah complex where their desire to rehabilitate the wayward soul outweighs common sense?

Smith has racked up 42 sacks in his first 43 games, if he was a mediocre player his bus ticket out-of-town would have been punched long ago.  But he is not and the Niners keep hanging on to their problem child.

Hopefully Aldon Smith’s story will have a happy ending and he will rehabilitate off the field and have a spectacular NFL career.  I don’t think Las Vegas is going to give odds on that happening, though.

I think Aldon Smith is a  CNN Breaking News story waiting to happen.  If I wake up one day and he’s out on the ledge of a 50-story building I’d be the last one in the world surprised.

  • Drew M.

    I have not heard as of yet, what was actually said between Aldon Smith and the TSA agents in LAX. My limited encounters with TSA shows them to have no senese of humor and no understanding of sarcasm either. That seems to be endemic throughout the system, at every airport. What I believe was said by Smith was actually a smart-assed question like “what, you think I have a bomb? Oh yeah, I have a bomb”. Now, admittedly that is a stupid thing to say, and even mentioning the word bomb in the airport is a crime, it is not the same as actually saying ” I have a bomb”. Perhaps that is why the LA DA has yet to file any actual criminal charges. Food for thought. Trying not to jump to conclusions like almost every lazy and bored sports “journalist” in the country.