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49ers Fans Show No Class

Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman Calais Campbell was laying motionless on the ground injured.  So San Francisco 49ers fans decided that was a good time to do the wave.

They not only decided to do the wave, they decided to keep doing the wave while Calais Campbell was being hoisted onto a stretcher and players from both teams huddled and prayed.  A nearby transport vehicle awaited to take Campbell to the hospital.

While 49er players pleaded with the fans to stop doing the wave and hush sounds came from the public address system, the fans continued to do the wave.  After all, once you get a good wave going there’s no reason to stop doing it, is there?

“That was classless,” said John Abraham the Cardinals defensive end. “Very classless. It’s one thing if you think a guy is faking an injury.  But there was a cart on the field.  Obviously, it was something very serious and as you could see, the 49ers players were even trying to quiet the crowd.”

You can buy fancy houses, fast cars and expensive jewelry.  But you can’t buy class.

  • P Terrance Nels

    Classless 49er fans? Why would anyone be surprised. Bunch of asswipes.