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49ers Win Championship Game

The San Francisco 49ers have won a championship game, although it is not the type of championship that an NFL team wins by signing key free agents and building through the draft.

It is being reported that the Pac-12 championship game will be played at the 49ers new stadium in Santa Clara.

The Pac-12 and league commissioner Larry Scott are supposed to be making the announcement on Thursday.

If you are a 49ers fan is this good news?  How does having another game in your stadium in early December benefit your team?  What if the Pac-12 title game chews up the field and leaves it in bad shape for when your 49ers play?

Is this a money grab for the 49ers, an opportunity to grab some easy cash laying on the table?  I don’t understand why 49ers need this deal.

  • Ted Swift

    why not ???? now you can find out how everything will work out on a over packed over crowed and crazy situation… more like getting paid for
    an experiment