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Alex Rodriguez Scores Season High

Alex Rodriguez seems to be all over the news and people can’t get enough of him.  Sports is entertainment and there’s no figure in sports now who is more entertaining than Alex Rodriguez.  Like him or not, he is moving the needle.

And the guys sitting in the pinstripe suits in high rise buildings that sell advertising are liking Alex Rodriguez.

That fact is underscored by the news that ESPN and the TV home of the Yankees, YES Network drew their largest ratings of the season in Monday night’s game against the White Sox.  The return of the beleaguered superstar scored a 4.34 rating.  The peak was a 7.5 during prime time.

Rodriguez’s TV ratings were higher than both returns of the beloved Derek Jeter to the Yankees this season after injury.  Jeter drew a 2.3 during a mid-week afternoon game and 4.0 during a Sunday afternoon.

Not only did YES benefit, ESPN also did live cut-ins when Alex Rodriguez was at bat.  Along with the St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers game they were broadcasting, they drew their highest number of  the season for a non-Sunday game.  With all due respect to the Cardinals and Dodgers, it was ARod’s cut-ins that pushed the game ratings to a season high.

Americans love new cars, but they love slowing down and seeing those new cars disabled on the shoulders of the road even more, don’t they?