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ARod Smarter Than Jeter?

New York Yankee players Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter have both made a ton of money in their baseball careers. Yet, when you compare the pubic’s perception of each player, to their net worth, it yields a surprising picture.

Derek Jeter is the darling of New York, has played with the Yankees his entire career, and has more awards and World Series championships than a player can ever dream of as a young baseball fan.  Jeter is The Captain of the Yankees, an icon in and out of Yankee Stadium.

Jeter has made a lot of money in his Yankees career, $253,159,364 according to Baseball Reference.  What is surprising, is that his net worth,as reported by CelebrityNetWorth, is only $125 million.  I say “only” when comparing Jeter to a couple of his contemporaries, including Alex Rodriguez.

Comparing Chipper Jones to Derek Jeter, will give you some perspective.  Chipper Jones earned $168,552,133 in his career, yet CelebrityNetWorth reports Chipper’s net worth at $125 million.  So Chipper made 60% of Jeter’s career baseball earnings, yet he has the same net worth.  That doesn’t take into account endorsement money, which for Jeter has been enormous.  Forbes ranks Jeter as baseball’s highest paid “pitchman” and cites his line of cologne through Avon as grossing $150 million the past six years?

The ultimate comparison to Jeter, is Alex Rodriguez.  Sure, Rodriguez has significantly more baseball earnings than Jeter.  Rodriguez has earned $353,416,252 com in his baseball career, compared to Jeter’s $253,159,364.  So ARod has made $100 million more in baseball earnings than Jeter.

But when you compare net worth, while Jeter is worth only $125 million, while ARod is worth $175 million more at $300 million.

So the question has to be posed, is Alex Rodriguez smarter than Derek Jeter?  When it comes to managing money, it is a resounding “Yes”!