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The Auburn Football Bag Man in Video

Auburn football fans can’t be happy with the new video put out by Tomo News that has a “bag man” wearing Auburn colors and ball cap” and who is referred to as “The Bag Man.”  He is also depicted with UGA and Tenessee colors, shirts and ball caps.

According to the Taiwanese News Agency, SEC stands for “Straight Earning Cash” and players are paid to sign with SEC teams and given money on campus.

The video says that the bag men carry a lot of cash and do business in clandestine places like The Waffle House.  The Waffle House a clandestine place?  That in itself is funny.  Why would a guy who is supposed to have all that cash hang around Awful House?  Wouldn’t he go somewhere and get a real meal?

I’m wondering why and how a Taiwanese media group would know about or care about SEC football.  Perhaps some disgruntled Vandy or perhaps Kentucky grads working there?  Or maybe ACC or Big Ten grads?

The big surprise of the video is that there is no bag man depicted wearing Alabama gear in the video.

Check out the video for yourself, it is reasonably humorous…unless your team is in the video.