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B.J. Upton Braves New Superman?

B.J. Upton was sporting new horn-rimmed prescription glasses during Friday night’s game at Turner Field against the Cincinnati Reds.  The glasses looked very much like the glasses Clark Kent, aka Superman wore.

Glasses are apparently the latest thing that Upton is trying to kick-start his anemic batting average.  If you can’t see the ball it does make it tough to hit.

But how can you not see the ball and not know if you need glasses?  As bad as B.J. was last season, he must be borderline blind.  Rather than the Braves Clark Kent, maybe B.J. is more like Mr. Magoo.

Upton went 1 for 4 with an infield single Friday night, but hit the ball hard the other 3 times, so perhaps there is something to this glasses thing.  He says he is going to experiment with them and see how it goes.

Through his first 21 games Upton is hitting .207, so he is improved this season over last, although that isn’t saying much.  At 5 years for $75 million, the Braves are willing to let Upton try just about anything.

Anyone have an old jar of DMSO?