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Ben Affleck Ejected From Vegas Casino

Ben Affleck was ejected from a Las Vegas casino and banned for life according to a recent report.  No, he wasn’t groping the waitresses or drinking too much, the big screen star was counting cards at the blackjack table.

The casinos want you to come there, give them your money and leave.  If you actually win a bit, they don’t like you.

I don’t see how giving a big star like Affleck the “Bum’s Rush” is a good PR move.  Was there a trial with a judge and jury to determine if Affleck was actually counting cards?  Was Court TV there?

All kidding aside, are you surprised that no one has actually taken a casino to court after getting bounced for counting cards?  ACLU, are you listening?  Looks like an income and publicity opportunity for an industrious soul.

The Hard Rock did arrange a car for Affleck and to take him back to his hotel.