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Braves David Hale Forever Young

David Hale is now the Braves version of rock star Jim Morrison, country legend Elvis or Pittsburgh Pirates great Roberto Clemente.  Not in the sense that Hale is anywhere near star status, but now that he’s been sent to the bullpen, his impressive stats as a starter will remain the same for all to see, frozen in time.

Hale started 4 games and racked up a 1-0 record and 2.31 ERA.  His ERA as a starter now stands at third on the staff behind Julio Teheran and Ervin Santana.

After one appearance out of the bullpen, Hale’s ERA is an impressive 2.10 overall.

Hale’s ERA was fifth out of the five starters until Alex Wood and Aaron Harang were shelled in back-to-back starts this week against the Florida Marlins.

If and when Wood and Harang struggle, Hale’s 2.31 ERA as a starter will be sitting there as a benchmark.  It won’t get better or worse while he works out of the bullpen, but it will stand as a testament to what he can do when Fredi Gonzalez gives him the ball to start a game.

The Braves are in great shape with a guy like David Hale waiting in the wings if any of the other starters falter.  Like Morrison, Elvis and Clemente, Hale’s starter stats are forever young.