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Bret Bielema on the Hot Seat?

Arkansas head football coach Bret Bielema is officially on the hot seat, according to a nationally known media organization that specializes in hot seat rankings.

Bielema is ranked #6 in the hot seat rankings and is one of three SEC coaches to be in the top 10.  Of course, SEC expectations are known to be a lot higher than other conferences.

But should Bielema be on the hot seat after only one season as head coach at Arkansas?  Sure, he had a lousy 3-9 record, but doesn’t Bielema deserve time to get his recruiting and system in place?

Bielema had a very successful tenure as head coach at the University of Wisconsin, so he knows how to win.  But the Big Ten isn’t the SEC.  Fans of the SEC will tell you that the only league that compares to the SEC is the NFL. has been tracking college head football coaches for years and has developed a reputation for being fair when assessing whether or not colleges should be on the hot seat.

Do you think Bielema’s seat should be hot?

  • Ron Fulton

    At Wi he was very bad at managing the clock. I was glad he resigned

  • TennHawg1

    THEN COACH NEEDS TO GET HIMSELF A CLOCK MANAGER, cause 3 mil a year plus incentives is only gonna go so far.