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Buffalo Bills Acquired By Donald Trump?

Could the Buffalo Bills be bought by Donald Trump?  There are always rumors flying around about what Trump may do with his money.  This rumor however, does appear to have quite a bit of fire.

Erie County Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy met with Trump this week and in his opinion, Trump is doing his homework in assessing the potential purchase of the Bills.  The purchase price would be around $1 billion and Langworthy isn’t sure if Trump could do the deal himself or need partners.

It’s hard to guess whether Trump would have enough cash to do the deal or not.  His finances go up and down with the real estate market and things haven’t been great the past few years.

Even though this story is being reported and appears to have legs, I’d be surprised if Trump goes through with an offer. He’s a master at generating publicity for himself and when there are rumors about him doing something grandiose, he likes to fan the flames.

Trump was reportedly going to run for President at one time, that didn’t happen and recently he was rumored to be running for Governor of New York and that didn’t happen.  In the end, I doubt he will purchase the Bills.