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Buffalo Bills Strong-Armed By NFL

The Buffalo Bills future is in a precarious position if you take what NFL commissioner Roger Goodell says at face value. The commissioner is strong-arming the city and its citizens to build a new stadium and he isn’t being bashful about it.

Goodell, in a transcript released by the NFL, said that the Bills are secure in Buffalo and “suggested” that the new city build a new city to insure that its long-term viability.  Having the NFL commissioner suggest you  build a stadium is like having a loan shark suggest you make a payment.

You better take that suggestion seriously.

The Bills recently renegotiated a 10-year lease agreement that Goodell termed a “short-term solution.”  In other words, Goodell’s rhetoric is all designed to ramrod a new stadium.

Goodell also said, “we all want to focus and get that stadium built.”  Bills’ owner Ralph Wilson passed away in March and an investment firm is going to sell the team.  Goodell is using the opportunity to leverage his lust for a new stadium.

Buffalo, you better shut up and do as you are told.  The king has spoken.

  • naramino1 .

    Build more sports palaces at taxpayer expense that the taxpayer can’t afford, nor afford to attend