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Why Can’t Braves Dump Uggla?

The Atlanta Braves inability to cut bait on Dan Uggla reminds me of the old saying, “don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”  In other words, don’t sign a player to a big money deal if you are unable to cut him loose when he doesn’t produce.

I admire the fact that the Braves give a player like Uggla every opportunity to be successful and appreciate that they are a conservative organization that doesn’t make knee-jerk decisions.

But those warm thoughts are dissipating as I am beginning to think that the reason they are not cutting Uggla loose is because they are simply unable to do it.  There aren’t kids involved to explain why the necessary divorce is not moving forward. 

Maybe Nike needs to plaster their “Just Do It” slogans all over the Braves executive offices to get the decision makers into the mood to do what must be done. 

The Braves pitching staff has been great this season and that has given the Braves the luxury of being more patient with the offense.  Uggla has been on the bench the past five games, so their lack of scoring is obviously not his fault. 

But having Uggla on the active roster is like playing with only 24 players.  You can’t use him to pinch hit, pinch run or as a defensive replacement.  Did I miss anything?

  • 2001Spur

    Uggla needs to move on but, with nearly the WHOLE team struggling at the plate (for a second straight year), why isn’t there any talk of a new hitting coach?