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Chipper Jones Attempting Hat Trick

Former Atlanta Braves star Chipper Jones has announced his engagement to long-time girlfriend, Taylor Higgins.  Jones will be going for the hat track as this will be his third marriage.

Higgins tweeted this to Chipper:

“Happy birthday to the man that makes me smile on a daily basis & loves me whole heartily. I love you & hope u have an amazing day”

Jones had this to say on Twitter:

“Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes! I would also like to wish my new ‘fiancé’ @lilgeorgiapeach happy bday as well. God Bless”

One can only hope that Jones is more successful with this marriage than the other two.  His first marriage was a messy affair that ended after Chipper impregnated a Hooters waitress.

Some people are just better off being single and I think Chipper Jones is one of those people.  Hopefully for his sake there’s a prenuptial agreement in place to make sure he doesn’t lose everything when he gets divorced.  There isn’t a big market out there for 45-year old third basemen.

  • Troy Crawford

    So what, why is this sports news? If Chipper Jones blows his nose they think it is important sports news.

  • thisblogiseffingstupid

    Sometime it takes finding the person you are truly in love with. None of us are saints but there comes a point in life where you realize what is truly important and what isn’t. It’s exceedingly apparent that chipper finally found the sweetest, and most beautiful young lady to spend his life with, to cherish their children and just be happy. The negativity is actually extremely entertaining, because it’s apparent that he’s finally found “the one”…Life is about all about fun, love, & success…and I don’t believe anyone could counter the argument that Chipper has exceeded every aspect. Congratulations MR AND MRS CHIPPER JONES!!!! Let the haters eat their hearts out due to pure jealousy!