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Clemson Attempts World Record Against Florida State

Not only will the Clemson Tigers have ESPN’s Gameday and a national television audience this Saturday when they play Florida State, they will be attempting to break a world record.

The Orange and White reports that Clemson will take advantage of all the adrenaline and hoopla surrounding the game and try to break the world record for loudest crowd noise at a stadium.  The record was set in Kansas City just this past weekend when the Chiefs fans rose to the occasion at Arrowhead Stadium.

The Clemson fans will be at a disadvantage, though.  No alcohol is served on college campuses, which could make it more difficult to reach the record.  Not that the fans won’t bring in their own booze, but it sure helps to have plenty on hand to reach this type record.

The Orange and White quoted the Clemson marketing manager, Mike Money, as saying…

“We have seen numbers approaching the world record previously, but with the magnitude of this game, the size of the crowd and the passion of Clemson fans, there’s little doubt we will be able to set a new record.” 

Clemson is planning on going after the record on their first defensive series.  Good move attempting the record early, if Florida State gets their offense cranked up, there may not be much to holler about later in the game.

  • obad

    not much else to do in clemson but yell – nice town but only two bars and an esso gas station