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Cowboys Fans Rated Most Loyal

The Dallas Cowboys’ fans have been rated the most “loyal and supportive” in a recent study done by students in Emory’s Sports Marketing Analytics program.  Does this validate the Cowboy’s as America’s team?

The study cited the Dallas Cowboys’ long-term success, the football crazy Texas culture, and the state-of-the-art stadium as reasons why the Cowboys’ fans are the most loyal and supportive.  Even though the Cowboy’s have had three successive mediocre seasons, their revenue streams were still high.

The Atlanta-based college students took into account on-field success, market population, revenues as a relation to on-field success, stadium capacity, median income and other factors.  The main determinant is box office revenues that result from the team won/loss record and playoff success.

Not surprisingly, the New England Patriots were rated second in the study, but a big surprise is the New York Jets fans being ranked third.  The study cited the Jets as drawing well irregardless of how the team performs on the field.

Who dat say their fans are better than the Saints?  New Orleans fans are ranked fourth in the study and the New York Giants round out the top five.  The fans bases ranked six through ten are the:  Indianapolis Colts, Chicago Bears, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tennessee Titans.

The five worst NFL fan bases according to the study are the: Detroit Lions 26th, Tampa Bay Buccaneeers 27th, Arizona Cardinals 28th, Atlanta Falcons 29th and Oakland Raiders 30th.

  • fatwillie

    eagles fans have to be first, they keep backing a team that has not won a championship since 1960 . how anyone could possibly be a fan of any sports team that has been a dissapointment that long is beyond me.

  • John Wade

    Funny thing is that the Jerry Juice drinkers will just believe this… this organization will lose people fast when they start losing this season