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Cowboys Should Do Nothing Draft Day

There’s talk swirling about the Cowboys potentially trading up in the draft and there’s an equal amount of rumors swirling that they are going to trade down.

What the Cowboys should do is nothing, just make their scheduled 16th pick in the first round.  The reason they should do nothing is because there is no one currently in the organization capable of making a sensible trade and then capitalizing on the opportunity.  Jerry Jones has seen to that.

The Cowboys moved up two years ago to grab Morris Claiborne, last time I looked his name wasn’t on the Pro Bowl roster.  He may inevitably be considered a decent pick, but we’re not there yet.

Cowboys fans, there won’t be any fireworks on draft day, so don’t bother watching the festivities.  Just check the sports crawl later in the night and find out which combine freak the Cowboys selected.

Dallas has settled in as a .500 team the past three seasons, and they have become a boring franchise.  But maybe they still are America’s Team.  After all, with the economy in the tank, America has been a mediocre country the past few years.