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Cowboys Slap Bruce Carter Awake

The Dallas Cowboys had the lines of communication flowing at this year’s draft, and outside linebacker Bruce Carter was the recipient of a very clear message.

Carter struggled last season with the Cowboys’ 4-3 defense, specifically he got lost in pass coverage too often.  Carter didn’t play as fast as the Cowboys would have liked and his hesitancy earned him a spot on the bench.

Dallas was planning on taking Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier with the 16th pick, but the Steelers snatched him up one pick before.  The Cowboys weren’t planning on taking Shazier so he could be Carter’s intern, that much we know.

Of course, the Cowboys would probably tell you that they aren’t disappointed with Carter’s play and that they were just taking, “the best player available.”  Ahhhh yes, the dreaded “best player available.”

Time will tell if Carter understands that he better produce at the weak side linebacker position or sharpen up his special team skills.  A slap upside the head like he just received may be the wake-up call he needs.