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Dallas Cowboys Draft Reality

The Dallas Cowboys had the worst defense in the league last season, so they needed to get a defensive impact player in the first round, right?  So what were they thinking when they took Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin with the first pick?

Are they going to convert Martin to defensive line?

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones gave new assistant personnel director Will McClay an “A” after last week’s draft, which means the grade was actually closer to an “F” than an “A.”

I get a kick out of what McClay said recently about taking Zack Martin, “You’re never one player away.  You always want to solidify the team and we approached it with that strategy.”

You wanted to solidify the team, huh?  Did improving the defense with an impact player enter your mind?

The Cowboys selected seven defensive players with their nine picks.  But five were in the last round.  Only 15% of seventh round picks make NFL rosters.  So odds say that maybe one of those last rounders even makes the team. Although the Cowboys’ defense is so bad, maybe all four will hang around.

I don’t understand why the Cowboys took Pittsburgh WR Devin Street with the fifth pick?  Why not go defense in that spot?  Why take offensive players with two of your top four picks when your defense is bleeding on the side of the road?

The Cowboys have been notorious for always taking “the best athlete available” rather than filling needs.  The Jerry Jones mentality on display once again…

Sorry Jerry, I give your draft a solid “D” this year.