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Dan Radakovich or Dave Braine: Who Was Worse?

Former Georgia Tech athletic director Dave Braine has long been considered the villain, but when you compare Braine’s hires to Dan Radakovich’s hires, it is probably a toss-up.

Braine brought in Chan Gailey and Paul Hewitt, Radakovich brought in Paul Johnson and Brian Gregory.  Both Gailey and Hewitt were fired with multiple years left on their contracts resulting in GT paying out millions long after they were gone.

Hewitt at least took GT to the championship game, Gregory hasn’t done anything and it looks like he isn’t going to do anything.  

All things considered, you can make a good case that Gailey and Johnson are equals.  Johnson had a good run with Gailey’s big ’07 recruiting class then he slid back down to Gailey’s 7-win equilibrium and even gave GT its first losing season in 15 years.

Radakovich gave Paul Johnson a ridiculous extension after his first season, resulting in Georgia Tech being unable to financially dispose of Johnson until the contract counts down.

The bottom line is that Dave  Braine and Dan Radakovich were both poor athletic directors, take your pick which one is worse.