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Daryl Washington Sentenced For Assault

Phoenix Cardinals linebacker Daryl Washington will be sentenced today for assaulting his girlfriend, who is the mother of his child.  Washington pleaded guilty to the charges.

Washington apparently shoved the mom to the ground breaking her collarbone.

The Cardinals linebacker could face up to 18 months in jail, although prosecutors have agreed to give Washington probation as part of his plea deal.

Are you kidding me?  Breaking her collarbone and all he will get is probation?  Hopefully the judge has the gonads to utilize his authority to override the plea agreement and deliver a just sentence.

Apparently the dispute arose between Washington and the child’s mother arose when he took the little girl to a restaurant and wouldn’t answer mom’s calls to his cell phone.

Washington had nine sacks last season and has started 53 games the past four seasons for the Cardinals.  He also plays well in space, leading the Cardinals in 2012 with 140 tackles.

  • David Burns

    I wonder how many years he is going to serve for this assault.