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Derek Jeter Battles Old News

Derek Jeter will not play both games against the Cubs Wednesday and it isn’t because he is nursing a tight quad.  Jeter would be held out even if he was 100%, according to Brian Cashman.

The captain’s old body is no longer just old news to him.  It is his reality.

Jeter is expected to play one of the games against the Cubs Wednesday, his first appearance in the Yankee line-up in four days.  The Yankee shortstop last played in a game this past Friday night against the Red Sox.

The 39-year old Jeter has battled injuries the past couple years and at his age, you will probably see him in the line-up this season 110-120 games, maximum.

Jeter was considered available for Sunday’s game against the Red Sox, but with all the injuries the Yankees have experienced this season, Jeter was held back.  Tuesday’s rainout gave the future Hall of Famer an extra day off.

The Yankees are an aging team and one thing I found out a long time ago is this… old bodies don’t get better, they just get older.

  • David Burns

    Derek Jeter reminds me so much of the tin man from the wizard of Oz. If he only had a heart. And he will need someone to put oil on him cause seems to me he and other athlete’s are at that mark of where there getting rusty with there injuries.