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Derrick Rose Mourns Facebook Murder Girl

Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose attended the funeral of a 14-year old girl who was killed by a rival over a love interest.  The feud played out on the pages of Facebook.

The girl, Endia Martin, had over 1,000 people attend her funeral that was held at St. Andrews church in Chicago.  She was gunned down by a coward who shot her in the back.

The alleged 14-year old female perpetrator has been arraigned on murder charges and her uncle has been arrested for supplying the murder weapon.

Rose pulled up to the church in his Rolls with two gentlemen who appeared to be body guards and quietly slipped into the church to pay his respects.  He left without speaking to media that was present.

No word as to Rose’s connection to the girl or to her family, but he was reportedly very upset.

At some point I’m sure the way out media will latch onto this story and make it out that Facebook and other forms of social media are the devil.  On the positive side maybe the publicity that Rose brought to the story will bring attention to this and do some good.  Either way, kudos to Derrick for paying his respects.