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DeSean Jackson Ruled Incomplete

DeSean Jackson has been ordered to pay former agent Drew Rosenhaus over $500,000 in loans and fees according to reports.  Rosenhaus was looking for over $700,000 in a grievance that he filed with the NFL last June.

Seems that before he severed his relationship with Ronsenhaus, the Washington Redskins wide receiver did not complete the separation details.

Jackson is of course going to appeal the ruling that was announced by arbitrator Roger Kaplan.  Might as well battle over the cash to the bitter end, huh?

Jackson dumped Rosenhaus a few months ago before hooking up with Joel Segal.  Segal got Jackson major bling, shaking down the Washington Redskins for $16 million guaranteed on a 3-year, $24-million contract.

The swift receiver caught 82 passes for 1,338 yards and 9 touchdowns last season for the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was released by the Eagles in March, 2014 before signing with the Redskins.

Don’t you just love these Madonna wannabe diva wide receivers?