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Dodgers Fans Screwed By TV Deal

Dodgers fans continue to be screwed by the team and the bogus TV deal that keeps millions of fans from watching their beloved boys in blue.  How many hundreds of millions do sports execs have to make before they are full?

The problem in case you haven’t heard is that the Dodgers have created their own network with Time Warner as the point man to sell the package to locate cable and satellite providers.  Only one problem:  No one is buying.

DirectTV is a main villain, if they agree to a deal to broadcast Dodger games, other cable operators are likely to follow.  DirectTV has 30% of the market and is available everywhere, so they are a crucial chip in this ridiculous tug of war.

But DirecTV and Time Warner are dance partners who aren’t doing any dancing, so no deal is getting done.

Both Time Warner and DirectTV are pointing fingers at the other, claiming the other one is to blame.  What a surprise, huh?

At some point fans will unite and become the dog rather than the tail.  When that will be is anyone’s guess.  Social media will be the tool that the fans use to regain control of their sports.  I’m sure some entrepreneur will come up with an idea on how to get it done and will make millions and that money will be richly earned.