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Is Eagles Chip Kelly Paranoid?

Philadelphia Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is keeping things on the hush at at this week’s OTAs.  Kelly and quarterback Nick Foles won’t talk to the media until Thursday.

Kelly is also keeping the media out of the practices.

That is surprising since Kelly is coming off a solid first season and has a lot of positives to talk about and showcase.  The first game is still a long ways off, so it isn’t like the Eagles are grinding right now.

The NFL prides itself on having an open door policy with the media, that is one of the reasons the league has been so successful.  Apparently Chip Kelly hasn’t gotten the memo.

So you have to wonder…is Chip Kelly paranoid?  There are a few lame reasons that a coach can spin to close down the OTAs, but why aren’t Kelly and Nick Foles talking to the media until Thursday?

I can tell you right now, Kelly isn’t making any friends with the media by denying access. The guy better keep winning or the vultures will pick his bones clean.

  • Eagles

    Worst sports article ever…….go write Kardashian articles.

    • Darew

      Ditto! Reads like a TMZ article.

  • kinghill

    Chip needs to worry about what Howie and Jeff think. No other opinions matter.

  • Lewis

    You’re right who cares about building a winning strategy to keep teams guessing when you have to worry about what the media thinks about you. After you graduate from whatever community college you’re studying sports journalism at start writing again.