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Eagles First Round Pick Obvious

With Eagles head coach Chip Kelly wanting to feature a slick offense, and with no dynamic option outside on the current roster, it would be a major upset if the birds don’t select a wide receiver with their first round pick.

I know a lot of draft analysts think differently, but they aren’t factoring in the ego side enough.

DeSean Jackson’s departure sealed the Eagles first pick and took the mystery out of this year’s draft.  Sure there’s glaring weaknesses on defense, but the Eagles need to put the Jackson debacle behind them and prove they made the right decision on the wayward wide out.  The best way to do that is with a new diva.

Even though there’s only four potential options at wide receiver (Watkins, Evans, Beckham, Lee) the chances that one of them is available when the Eagles pick is high.  Wide receivers historically drop lower than expected in the first round.

The Eagles main problem is that picking 22nd is truly no man’s land.  It means last year’s team wasn’t good enough to make any real noise, yet not bad enough to get a draft choice high enough where they can control their own destiny.

All things considered, I’ll be very surprised if the Eagles don’t end up selecting a wide receiver.