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Eli Manning Hangin’ with Big Dogs

Eli Manning may be missing Giants spring activities, but he’s not missing the action at Yankee Stadium.  Eli was in Derek Jeter’s suite to witness Tampa Bay’s 5-1 win over the Yankees.

Eli wasn’t alone, either.  Bro Peyton was in the Big Apple to appear on the Letterman show, so he decided to swing by with his younger brother and touch base with the Yankees’ captain.

Do you think Peyton was chatting up Jeter over how the retirement so he can accumulate some advance info for himself?  Rumors are swirling around that 2014 may be Peyton’s last season behind center.

Retirement is down the road for Eli, but the ankle surgery he is recovering from is probably giving him some thoughts about his own athletic mortality.

With all the knuckleheads in sports, it doesn’t get much better than the Manning brothers and Jeter.  Hopefully Eli and Peyton take a cue from Jeter’s mistake.  I think Derek hung around a couple of years too long.

A thought about matter how many Super Bowl rings he wins, he will always be the little brother .  He really needs to stay out of the public with Petyon.

  • AG

    LOL another idiot heard from. Your statements are ridiculous!!!