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Erin Andrews Considering Radical Procedure

Erin Andrews is feeling pressure to have kids, now that she has moved in with her hockey player boyfriend, Jarrett Stoll.

During a recent interview Andrews said, “It’s like, Guys, can we wait a second? I need to learn and grow.  We”re trying to figure out how things work,  he has a job and I have a job.  It’s like, ‘Hang on! I’m still unpacking in his place! Give me a break, but I guess you don’t have time.”

With her flourishing broadcasting career, a pregnancy at this point in time is probably not a good career decision for Andrews.  So she is considering having her eggs frozen.  Personally I like mine scrambled, but to each his/her own.

In all reality, freezing her own eggs would probably be a good option for Andrews, if it would work for her.  Lets face it, a pregnant Erin Andrews isn’t exactly a ratings bonanza.

Over the years we haven’t heard much about Andrews’ personal life, except for the pervert who took videos of Andrews naked through the keyhole.  That titillated the masses and was a sizable boost for Erin’s career.  A boyfriend and talk of children probably aren’t great career moves.