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Evan Gattis Telling Different Story

Evan Gattis, the powerful Atlanta Braves catcher, was besieged last season by people wanting to know about his colorful past.  Gattis told how he had traveled the west trying to find himself and how his colorful life included sleeping in a van, working as a janitor and his battle with drugs and alcohol.

Gattis’ past even included tales of suicidal thoughts.  At times the Evan Gattis story seemed to overshadow his accomplishments on the field

This season the big Texan is only telling one story and that story is being told with his bat and glove.  Gattis blasted a 2-run shot in the bottom of the 10th inning to beat the Florida Marlins 4-2 on Monday night.  He is hitting .302 with 5 home runs and 9 runs batted in.

Evan Gattis is also doing it behind the plate as he is helping the Braves starting pitching staff lead the majors in ERA.

Many people thought that Gattis may be a one year wonder, but so far he is proving the critics wrong.  Many also thought that the Braves would be a significantly weaker team with Gattis at catcher in place of Brian McCann.

McCann is hitting .230 with the Yankees with 3  homers and 8 runs batted in so far this season.

  • Troy Crawford

    It’s still early in the season yet. Also comparing Gattis to what McCann is doing right now is apples and oranges. Let’s wait until October and see where the two teams are, that is what matters.