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Florida Football Program Dealt Devastating Blow

The University of Florida football program was dealt a devastating blow on Sunday when it was learned that the SEC would maintain an 8-game league schedule and mandate that every team play a non-conference game from the four other power conferences or Notre Dame.

This will force the University of Florida to actually play a real non-conference opponent.  Oh the injustice!!

The Gators have gotten fat and happy over the years beating up on non-conference cupcakes.  Sure, a lot of teams load up on cream puffs, but the Gators have been one of the worst offenders in the country.

The winners in this deal are the Florida season ticket holders, who over the years have been forced to buy four games against lousy teams.  One or two “tune-up” games are fine, four is ridiculous.

Florida football like many other SEC teams has hidden behind the mantra, “we can’t play a decent non-conference schedule because the SEC is SO TOUGH!  The only ones that have ever believed that gibberish are less than 14 years of age, or have an IQ below 60.

Tough blow for the Gators…

(This article is a sideways dig at the other Florida schools and the ACC, in case you aren’t quick enough to get it).

  • Brett

    Do some fact checking you idiot. Florida’s schedule is one of the few in SEC that won’t have to change because they already play Florida State every year. Also, Florida routinely has one of the top 5 hardest schedules in the country every year. It is better to be thought a fool than to post an article and prove it.

    • Twiginator

      This dude is a total moron and a troll. Just another SEC hater taking advantage of the first down year for Florida in 3 decades

  • ATLA2878_is_dumb

    So FSU and Miami from last year are cream puffs? What does this guy recommend to be a tough non conference opponent then? Thought FSU won the national championship guess that is a cream puff these days. Guess as a Gator fan we have to hope we schedule the Seahawks and Broncos for non conference games to please this guy.

  • GatorJZ

    Speaking of an IQ less than 60…. Before writing this drivel did you even bother to check UF’s schedule? Had you bothered to do even the quickest, most cursory bit of investigation PRIOR to actually posting this embarrassing nonsense, you would have learned that UF’s schedule is in complete compliance with this directive by virtue of playing FSU every year.

    You are pretty much a standing joke on every football website I’ve visited today. Congrats for that and thanks for the chuckle.


  • FSUCJClassof84

    As an FSU Alumni… I must defend my Gator Brothers…. their schedule is EPIC this year….far more of a challenge then ours

  • Romeg8r

    Hey dumbass, Florida plays FSU every year so this rule does not affect the Gators at all. It’s embarrassing that you do not know that. Perhaps you should find another pastime.

  • SEC_is_for_grown_ups

    Pretty Sure UF has been in compliance with this “new” rule 60 years before it was implemented. ATLA2878 have you ever watched college football? Have you ever seen Rivalry games? Are you even aware the Clemson and USC and UGA and GA Tech play every year too? Or did you just write articles like this for them? Are you 14 and just a Oregon fan or something? You have to either be 14 or just someone below an IQ of 60 like you say in your article. You should resign immediately and not cause you are stupid but because you know nothing about college football and you just proved. Please leave and never write an article again unless it it titled “ATLA2878 has IQ test and is found to have the mental capacity of a 12 year old.”

  • Miamigator34

    You know nothing about college football or you would of known about UF and FSU rivalry. This is basic stuff here guy. This is one of the main rivalries in the nation plus one of the only tough rivalry games that a team would play out of conference. No other team plays an out of conference game like this every year. Plus there have been years where UF has played USF, FSU, and Miami in the same season. Who are you a fan of dude? You have to have some kind of agenda here because no one who is a journalist can be this dumb. YOu were pretty specific with having a 60 IQ or being 14, so does that mean you have an IQ of 61 and are 14 1/2????

  • You have your own blog?

    HAHA! what an embarassment this clown is. Even the most casual of college football fans know that Florida and Florida St have been playing each other every season for DECADES now. Find something else to do with your time, because, clearly, college football analysis is not your thing.

  • author is retarded

    Stop picking on the author of this pile of sh*t, he’s clearly mentally deficient.

  • GatorJZ

    In addition to accuracy, integrity is obviously an issue for ATLA2878 as well. He can’t even come back and admit he screwed up and, God forbid, apologize.

    Oh, well, this is probably the most hits he’s had in the history of his illustrious “career” here.

    • [email protected]_job

      I agree with you. The fact that ATLA2878 does not come back and admit that he screwed up is pretty unbelievable. He either is just dumb or has no clue about college football. Maybe he lives under a rock or something. Seriously though how could you write college football articles and not know about one of the most basic rivalry games in college football.

  • catrig77

    In case you haven’t checked…obviously you haven’t….UF has the toughest schedule in the nation. Dummy.