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Former Giants Player Could Have Assault Charges Dismissed

Luke Petigout’s attorney says that charges against the former New York Giants offensive lineman are expected to be dismissed.  Dennis Ring made that statement Tuesday morning at Manhattan criminal court.

According to Ring, Pettigout and his wife Jennifer are back together living in their Woodcliff, NJ home.  When you are sleeping with your accuser every night, your chances of freedom increase tenfold or more.

The original charges stemmed from when Petigout allegedly roughed his wife up, tossed  her out of his parked car and then hit her in the face with her purse.   The altercation resulted in Jennifer Petigout suffering wrist and elbow injuries.

Petigout reportedly was accusing his wife of infidelity when the incident occurred.  The incident happened in the Meat Packing district on Little West 12th Street.

Lets hope that everything in this relationship is stable and that Petigout learned a valuable lesson and that all physical altercations end between he and his wife.  Then next step in these type situations can be deadly if not diffused.

Petigout was with the Giants from 1999 to 2006 before finishing his career with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  He retired in 2008.