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Former NFL Star Indicted Along With His Mom

According to New Jersey authorities, former Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots star Irving Fryar has been indicted on theft charges.  To make matters worse, Fryar’s mother Allene McGhee was indicated along with him.

What the heck, if you are going to have a little crime party might as well bring mom along too, right?

The former NFL star and his mother are indicated on conspiring to pilfer almost $700,000.  It is alleged by prosecutors that the duo were involved in a mortgage scam where McGhee filed five loans on her home in only six days and provided false information.

Now that is what you call creative financing!!

But the story gets better,  Fryar is actually a pastor of a church and the head coach of a high school football team!  Nothing like being a role model for our youth.

According to authorities, Fryar either spent or has possession of $200,000 of the money.