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Gayle Sayers Files Suit Against NFL

Former Chicago Bears great Gayle Sayers has taken the NFL and helmet manufacturer, Riddell, to court.  Sayers blames the defendants for not preventing his alleged brain damage and memory loss.

Does that mean that the average working stiff can sue his employer for his depression and causing him to become an alcoholic?  Think about it, how many people hate their lives ’cause they hate their jobs.  Is their employer responsible?

Sayers is making the claim that he suffers from headaches, memory loss and other cognitive problems.

The suit was filed by Sayers’ lawyer on Friday in Chicago’s U.S. District Court.  Sayers says that his problems stemmed from blows he took to the head during his NFL career.  Ironic that many players like Sayers suffer serious, documented injuries during their careers, yet they don’t try to claim damages for those injuries.

The suit claims that the NFL never warned Sayers about the dangers to his brain and head.  But does it take more than a second grade education to know that repeated blows to the head can cause problems?  I mean, seriously?

Since the NFL recently reached a $765 million settlement with players regarding head injuries, Sayers’ suit is most likely the first of many more that will be filed in the coming months.

  • John

    You know back when Sayers posted not much was known about head injuries let a lone knee injuries. You need to get off your hi-horse and get with the times

  • John

    Meant to say played not posted

  • Dynan3

    Let’s be realistic about this. Gale, I heard your 5 touchdowns on the radio in my backyard in Stickney, IL (now Burbank, IL) You were the absolute greatest at the time…and few have ever matched you since. My question is: Is money going to make you heal, cure, have a better family? I realize investment wasn’t taught then and you didn’t make diddly-squat compared to the players today (even counting inflation). But is suing the Bears going to comfort your family? Or just buy some “stuff” (including the elusive ‘financial security’)? You did phenomenally in your career for the Bears. Learn from it. My Dad (who had that game on) said “My sons will NEVER play football because of the injuries.” Common sense for a man who knew very little else. You knew the risks. Please don’t succumb to the money grab…I’m sure you’re set up well enough compared to the fans that listened on the radio. I LOVE YOU GALE SAYERS! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID FOR WE FANS!