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Greedy Cubs Owners Block Fans

The greedy Chicago Cubs owners intend to move forward with their plans to expand and renovate Wrigley Field.  Chairman Tom Ricketts says the Cubs will move forward despite potential legal action.

Here’s what Rickets had to say:

“Unfortunately, it seems like my family’s plans for Wrigley Field have gotten lost in the dispute with the rooftops.  As a result, despite having new city ordinances to allow for expansion and renovation at Wrigley Field, we are back to square one with the rooftop businesses.”

The rooftop businesses that Ricketts refers to are the buildings that sit beyond the outfield that contain third party seating that is sold to fans. Some have private clubs and are quite lucrative to the owners.

Wrigley expansion would block the views from those rooftop buildings and in effect put the owners out of business.

The rooftop owners pay the Cubs 17% of their revenues and have a contract with the team through 2023, but apparently that isn’t enough for the Cubs. They want to ignore the contract and cut out their business partners.

The sports money grab continues…

  • JackF

    Sure sounds like whoever wrote this article doesn’t know diddly-squat about what’s going on here!