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Hot Ex-Cheerleader Stiffed By Jets?

A former New York Jets cheerleader has dropped the old sis-boom-bah on her ex-employer.  Krystal C. (teams don’t reveal the last names of their cheerleaders, but why isn’t her name revealed in the media now?) claims in the suit that she has money coming for unpaid wages and reimbursement of work-related expenses.

In the suit the former member of the Jets “Flight Crew” claims that she made less than $4 per hour when you figure in all the hours that she worked.  I don’t know if that is true or not, but it isn’t exactly hard work.

Krystal, a 25-year old, says she and the other cheerleaders received $150 per game and $100 per appearance.  When you add in all the time that they are required to work unpaid, it drops the actual hourly wage quite a bit below minimum wage.

What is strange is that the last time Krystal worked for the Jets was in 2012.  Did it take her that long to do the math?

Like everything in life, cheerleader lawsuits seem to be running in cycles.  This is the fourth recent lawsuit filed by an ex-cheerleader, the others were filed against the Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals and Oakland Raiders.