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Houston Astros Setting Major League Record

The Houston Astros may not be anywhere near the best team in baseball, in fact they are the worst, but when it comes to making money they are number one.  That’s right, the Houston Astros are making more money than any other team in the major leagues this season, and they are doing it with a beer-budget payroll.

Houston started the season with the lowest payroll in the major leagues at around $26 million.  With the latest cost-cutting they have carved it down to under $13 million.  Incredibly, there are 64 players in the league who are making more than the entire Houston Astros payroll.

According to Forbes, the Houston Astros are one target to make more money this season than any team in major league baseball history at $99 million, which amazingly is more than the total of the last six World Series winning teams. Ridiculous that a team can make that kind of money, when you consider they are on track to have the worst record in baseball since 2005.

The Astros are making the bulk of their money from a lucrative television contract, not attendance.  The Astros are averaging only 20,773 fans per game through 65 home dates, 27th in major league baseball.

This is yet another example why major league baseball needs a salary cap, or at the very least a salary minimum.  It is ridiculous that a city and its’ fans who have invested a lot of resources in a team over the years should have to watch as an owner milks his team, while the product on the field is horrible.