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Houston Texans Cheerleader Delivers Fantasy

Houston Texans cheerleader “Caitlyn” made a fantasy come true for a Texas high school student, attending his high school prom.  It started out with Mike Ramirez sending Caitlyn a direct Twitter message, asking her if she would go to his prom if his proposal was retweeted 10,000 times.

Caitlyn quickly answered “yes” and the dare was in motion.

Didn’t take long for Ramirez to rack up the 10,000 re-tweets, he had them in the bank in a little over a day.  The potential date went viral and the Texans cheerleader was on her way to Crosby High School to attend the 17-year old Ramirez’s prom.

If the kid had any hopes of romance, they were quickly dashed, when his  mom and six of Caitlyn’s Houston cheerleader buddies attended the pre-prom dinner.  They were also chaperoned throughout the dance later in the evening.

Great move on the  young lady’s part, the publicity could lead to opportunities to further her career.  If nothing else, she sure as heck made the kid’s day and gave the Texans’ great publicity.

As for the kid, when he turns 18 I think he should try the same Twitter move on Jenna Jameson with a happier ending in mind.