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Jaguars Russell Allen Suffered Stroke

Former Jaguars linebacker Russell Allen suffered a stroke during a game.  You read that correctly, the dude suffered a friggin’ STROKE in a game the Jags lost to the Buffalo Bills.  Due to that injury, Allen will never play football again.  Unless it is XBox John Madden football.

I’ve always been glad that I never played football in high school or college.  Never wanted to carry around serious knee, shoulder or any of the other injuries that football players suffer for the rest of my life.  I didn’t want to have to walk with a cane at 40 years of age or not be able to comb my hair.

My worst nightmares regarding football never involved having a stroke.

Allen has been advised by doctors to retire from football.  He has a dead spot in his brain from the stroke he suffered after a collision with Bills’ player, Eric Wood.

Allen had double vision after the hit and asked a teammate if his eyes looked okay.  Based on his teammates’ feedback, he decided to stay in the game.  After all, if he came out another player could take his job and Allen didn’t want to take that risk.  Bad move.

Had Allen come out of the game immediately, chances are that he would still be an NFL player.  Instead, he is a spectator like the rest of us.

Man am I ever glad that I never played football.  If you played football good for you, you are tougher than me.  But I am smarter.