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Jason Heyward Facing Demons

Ever been hit in the face by a 90 mile per hour fastball?  Atlanta Braves outfielder Jason Heyward has and on Friday night he will face the pitcher who broke his face and interrupted his career.

Heyward and his Braves will be facing the Mets and lefty Jonathan Niese tonight.   It will be the first time that Heyward has faced Niese since he crumpled to the ground from a Niese fastball last August 21.

Heyward had his jaw wired shut after surgery and took his meals through a straw for several weeks.  Think he might like to take out a little revenge on Niese?

Fortunately humans can’t read the minds of other humans, ’cause I’m sure Heyward won’t be thinking good thoughts as he stands in against Niese.  If it was a back alley, all bets would be off on what would happen if the 6’5″ 240 pound Heyward got his hands on Niese.

But in the civilized world we live, Heyward will have to get his revenge in the form of hits off Niese, preferably a home run or maybe two.

Heyward showed a lot of toughness last August 21, as he got up and walked to the dugout under his own power.  He came back quicker than many thought he would after the injury and doesn’t appear to flinch on breaking pitches from lefties.

But Heyward is hitting only .136 this season and you have to wonder how much getting hit in the face has affected him at the plate.  Many baseball players over the years have taken fastballs to the face and never been the same. Perhaps facing Niese and reliving last August 21 will allow Heyward to put the traumatic injury behind him so he can move on and fulfill his huge promise…