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Jerry Jones a Great NFL Owner?

Real estate magnate and reality star Donald Trump may have just had his attempts to land the Buffalo Bills squashed. Former NFL player Herschel Walker was quoted as saying Trump would be a great owner like Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones is to being a great NFL owner as Ted Bundy was to being a great humanitarian. But no one ever accused Herschel Walker of being a great thinker.  Why do athletes think that just because they can run fast and jump high they can actually think cogent thoughts?

Walker played for both Jones and Trump, so he does  have some credibility when comparing the two, I will give him that much.  But he’s tossing around the words “great owner” like a frisbee.

The former running back says that you can criticize Jones as a general manager, but he is a great owner.  Uh Herschel, you can’t separate the two.  That man who you call a great owner, refuses to fire himself as general manager.  The end result is a screwed up team.

What you’ve gotta love about the NFL is that it is the sports version of a soap opera mixed in with cartoon characters. They know how to market and make money.  That may not get them to heaven, but they are having a helluva ride on earth.

  • John Wade

    No matter of fact he’s one of the worst. Doesn’t care about the fans..only his own ego and wallet.