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Johnny Manziel Leading NFL

The Cleveland Browns’ Johnny Manziel was only the 22nd pick in the NFL draft, but his jersey sales are higher on than all other draftees, including Michael Sam.

In fact, Manziel’s jersey has been outselling all NFL players since April 1.  What is amazing is that Manziel didn’t even have a team or a number until last week’s draft.

The NFL hasn’t released exactly how many Manziel jerseys have been sold, but they did say that Manziel’s jersey sales have exceeded the Colts’ Andrew Luck, the Redskin’s Robert Griffin III and Tim Tebow combined during their draft weekends.

Manziel jerseys are so popular, even Lebron James, owns one.  Nike, which has Manziel’s endorsement deal, is cashing in with creative jerseys like “Johnny Football,” and “My Manziel.”

Manziel jerseys also come in every size and color known to mankind.

The other rookies whose jersey sales are in the top 5, include number one pick Jadeveon Clowney at number three, Vikings’ quarterback Teddy Bridgewater at number four and Jacksonville quarterback Blake Bortles at number five.

If Manziel can actually play, he may be the first NFL QB to be governor of his state while an active player.