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Manziel No Tebow

Johnny Manziel is the anti-Tebow of college football and now the NFL.  But they are alike in that the media and fans can’t get enough of them.

Manziel and Tebow are good vs evil, but they are also talent vs will.  Manziel has enormous talents that translate from college to pro, Tebow’s physical talents never quite made the transition.  Tebow wanted to win like no other, Manziel can actually win on the NFL level.

The latest Manziel rumor has the former Texas A & M standout going to the Los Angeles Rams.  But would the Rams really want to dump Sam Bradford already?  Bradford is a very talented QB and what the Rams need to do is give him more weapons at his disposal.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has stepped up and squashed the Manziel draft rumor and I tend to believe Fisher more than most NFL head guys.  He has a long track record of being straight up with the media.

Of course, if the Rams are able to trade down…  As an organization, St. Louis needs more media juice than most if not all NFL teams and most importantly, Manziel is the type of QB that can elevate mediocre talent around him.

Manziel to the Rams could happen…