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Mike Woodson Awaits Firing Squad

Mike Woodson will be fired as Knicks head coach, it is only a matter of when.  Whether it is today, tomorrow, next week, the timing is only a formality.

Former Knicks coach Larry Brown once said, “I am a dead man walking,” and while Mike Woodson’s career as Knicks coach is not yet dead, the firing squad is taking aim.

Phil Jackson is the new sheriff in town and new sheriff’s bring in their own deputies.  Often the incumbent coach will get a courtesy year and then will be canned.  But based on the Knicks record this season, the only courtesy that Woodson will be shown is a courtesy car to the airport.

Woodson has been ducking Jackson and his attitude has been defiant as the process plays out.  Sources are saying that Woodson has no plans to meet with Jackson face to face prior to a decision.  In other words, Mike is telling Phil to have a bowel movement or get off the pot.

Jackson and Woodson have apparently made tentative plans to chat on the phone either today or tomorrow.  How would like you to hear that conversation?  It will probably go something like this:

“Hey Mike, this is Phil, you want your firing press conference to be open or closed casket?”  To which Mike will say, “I’m going to Disney World.”  In other words, any conversation between these two at this point at time will be nonsensical.

  • David Burns

    I’LL be watching phil this season as a coach and I wonder if he still got it