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NFL Injury Epidemic?

Is there a rash of injuries in the NFL or is social media just creating the illusion?  When a high-profile player like the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady goes down, Twitter lights up like a Christmas tree and bloggers hit their keyboards with a frenzy as they report NFL injuries.

“A lot of times there’s a little bit of panic because all we hear about is all the guys who get hurt in training camp,” said Denver Broncos Executive Vice President of Football Operations.  “That hasn’t changed from when I played.”

The NFL and sports in general can’t complain about all the free publicity they receive via social media.  But there is a downside, and Atlanta Falcons Rich McKay has his opinions on the subject.

“What goes on in the rush to break news now is that people don’t have the same standards to confirm the injury,” McKay said. “They want to make a splash on Twitter and sometimes it’s not reality.”

But the question remains, are there an abnormal amount of injuries so far this preseason?  Social media can’t be blamed for everything.

“We have no hard data yet,” Elway said. “We’ve had some ACL injuries so far.  Last year, it was Achilles injuries in camp.  I want to wait for the six weeks of training camp and the preseason and compare year to year and allow the experts to evaluate if there’s any more injuries or if the injuries are different than in years past. But I don’t think there’s any more.”

The bottom line is that the owners won’t find out if there is a spike in injuries until October.  That is when the NFL will make the preseason injury data available.