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NFLPA Files Against Patriots For Hernandez

Aaron HernandezThe New England Patriots have had a grievance filed against them by the NFL Players Association on behalf of jailed murder Patriots suspect Aaron Hernandez. is reporting that the grievances are for Hernandez’s 2013 base salary which is $1.323 million and his 2014 base salary which is $1.137 million.

Only in America is a term that you often hear used, and it is often used in exaggeration.  But literally, only in America could a guy who is up for first-degree murder charges have someone filing grievances against his ex-employer on his behalf before the trial is over.

Sure the union is just doing it’s job in protecting one of its players, but isn’t there some shred of common sense that has to be utilized in the process?

In 2012 Hernandez signed a five-year extension that extended through 2018.  It included a $12.5 million signing bonus with a $40 total value.

The Patriots’ out in this thing is they can bypass a salary cap hit and avoid bonus money if it is proven that the player messes up in various ways.  Apparently the players’ union feels murder indictment is not one of them.