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Nick Foles Plays Waiting Game

Nick Foles was the best deep passer in the NFL in 2013 and not surprisingly, the Eagles quarterback held the ball the second longest in the league.

Foles completed 25 of 55 deep passes for 803 yards and 14 TDs with 1 interception.  Those are incredible numbers for a seasoned veteran, let alone a second year player.

The big question is how effective will the Eagles passing game be without DeSean Jackson to stretch the field?  How much will Jackson’s absence take away from Nick Foles’ effectiveness?

Riley Cooper averaged 17.8 yards per catch, second in the NFL last season, but will undoubtedly see a lot of safeties playing over the top on him in 2014, without Jackson on the other side.

Will Foles be looking deep in 2014 and find nothing there?  Darren Sproles is a very good receiver out of the backfield and his addition should give Foles a valuable underneath option.

But will Foles utilize Sproles or will he continue to play the waiting game?  How well the third year QB adjusts will be key to the Eagles 2014 season.

  • Buge Halls

    Chip Kelly’s offense is supposed to be all about short, quick passes and then YAC. One, two, three, pass is how it’s supposed to work. Don’t give the defense a chance to sniff out where the ball is going.

    This year without having to force the ball to Jackson, that offense may actually run as advertised. This will help to increase time of possession and allow the defense a chance to rest. Foles has shown that he can get the ball to the receiver in tight windows in the short passing game.

    Hopefully the long-ball (you’ll always have a few a game) is gone.