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Nick Saban on the Hot Seat?

Alabama head coach Nick Saban didn’t win a national championship last season.  But is that enough to place the highly successful coach on the hot seat?

To a sane person no, that is not enough for Saban to be placed on the hot seat.  But whoever accused the Alabama fan base of being sane.  Aren’t the words “sane” and “Alabama football fan” mutually exclusive?

A nationally known website has Nick Saban listed as #5 on their coaches hot seat ranking.  Is that tongue-in-cheek,or a slap at Alabama fans?  Or is there an inordinate amount of pressure on Saban to win this season, particularly after losing to Auburn? has been tracking which college football coaches are on t he hot seat for years.  Lot of fans check in regularly to see if their head coach has made the top 25.

Saban isn’t the only SEC head football coach in the top 10.  Florida’s head man, Will Muschamp, is ranked #1 and Arkansas’ Bret Bielema is #6.