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Did Nick Saban Make Big Mistake?

What was Alabama Crimson Tide head coach Nick Saban thinking when he hired Lane Kiffin as his offensive coordinator?  Sure, Kiffin is pretty decent at running an offense, but why take a huge risk hiring a guy like that?

Lane Kiffin doesn’t care about anybody but himself, just ask USC and Tennessee.  Why should he care about Alabama?

Kiffin is a recruiting violation waiting to happen, why would Saban risk everything he has built at Alabama on an offensive coordinator?

Alabama has a proud and storied football tradition.  The Crimson Tide is well-respected across the nation.  So why bring in a guy who many people think is a scrumbag?

Lets hope that Lane Kiffin doesn’t make one of the poor decisions that he is known for making and take Alabama down with him.

What was Nick Saban thinking?

  • cromwell

    Could not agree more!
    Kiffin is a man without integrity and you just have to wonder about Saban’s lack of wisdom in this decision. Look for the offence to become demoralised and ineffective rather quickly under Kiffins misdirection!