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Braves Have Easy Ride Again

The Atlanta Braves are once again in a great position to win the National League East. The Braves currently lead the Miami Marlins by two and the Washington Nationals by three and a half games.

The Nationals came into the season as the NL East favorite, but once again they have been hammered by injuries. Third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, outfielder Bryce Harper and starter Gio Gonzalez are all currently on the disabled list. First baseman Adam Laroche just came off the DL this past Sunday.

Ever since the Washington PR department coined the term “Nattitude,” the Nationals have been a pedestrian team.

The rising Miami Marlins looked like they may have enough to challenge the Braves this season, particularly after they swept Atlanta in Miami, but the season-ending injury to ace Jose Fernandez effectively ends their chances. They may make a little noise for a few more weeks, but I expect them to fade long before September rolls around.

The Philadelphia Phillies and New York Mets?  Dead on Arrival.

With limited competition once again this season, all the Atlanta Braves have to do this season to win the National League East is stay reasonably healthy and figure out how to push across a few more runs. It may be easier for the Braves to stay healthy than it is to score more, once again the line-up is littered with underachievers.

The down side is I think it would benefit the Braves in the playoffs if they were pushed more during the regular season.  It would force the organization to play the best players more and the guys with the big contracts less.